*Welcome BeLoved peacemakers*

How Good and Pleasant it is when God's people live together in Unity-Psalm 133:1-3



-3 questions to help guide you*

1. What Is Your Ministry/Business Name?

2. How Can Jesus Meet Their Needs through You?

3. What is the backstory of how The Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) placed this Ministry/Business in your path. 

-sharing the message-

Additional guidance for god's peacemakers

 When we meet the needs of God's Children our purpose is served in Love from the Father's Heart and what better way to Express His Love than by what he is doing through You, His Beloved Peacemaker. 


Faithful J.E.M's...

**********We Are Here To Meet The Needs Of Your Ministry/Business by Spreading the Word via Social Media and Evangelizing...

***********Simply Share the Ministry/Business God has Guided and Placed Within You. 

To Better Help You We Have Provided 3 Questions to guide you in making a Video stated above- (Ex. Can be you speaking, created content or someone representing the Ministry/Business.)

Remember to provide the URL Link to your Ministry/Business for Prayers to be met through what our Heavenly Father has already placed in You. (Link will be for those led to it can gather what they need to be fed with, so that filling can be poured out- etc.)

Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God- Matthew 5:9

Now may the God who gives endurance and who supplies encouragement grant that you be the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus.- Romans 5:5


*It Takes Great Courage to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and So Glad We Get To Be A Part Of Your Journey As Well.

For legal purposes you are giving us consent to share this content on this Website/Youtube/J.E.M Friends and/or other Social Media to Get the Message Out- THANK YOU FOR LETTING GOD'S HEART BE HEARD THROUGH YOU*


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