Welcome beloved,

To The Treasureful J.E.M Experience!

Where your Treasure is there your Heart will be also- Matthew 6:21

We are Delighted to bring The T.J.E to you for All to Encounter the Promises God has in store for His BeLoved Treasures!!! Whether it be your Home, Transitional Housing and/or Recovery Place- 

You will soon find...

In this memorable experience...

With a Combination of:


Creativity- Trinity Designs

V.I.P Inheritance- The Game Changer

Will be the Encounter your heART has been needing, allowing the J.E.M within to guide you and others towards the Treasure of a Valued Life*

-You are Chosen for such a Time as this, let Jesus unlock the Gift within-


we travel to you with the treasureful j.e.m experience

you are important all day- every day and why not celebrate it!!!

Where Everyday can be a HoliDay with The Treasureful J.E.M Experience that continues in His Presence!!!

Embracing Our V.I.P- The J.E.M Within giving us a Life Worth Living!!!

So let's Celebrate in these Hol(y)Days where God is doing a New Thing!!!- Isaiah 43:18-19

CHRISTMAS- With believing Christ is the Miracle within- His Presence is the mas- more than enough to supply All our needs.- Philippians 4:19

THANKSGIVING- Where a reminder to give thanks and come together doesn't have to come once a year, but giving Thanks in the little things makes a way for the bigger things and that Greatfull heART- is God's GREATness within. Where that  Magnetic Projection of Love & Gratitude is Attracting what our Heavenly Father knows to give His Children, as we Delight in him.- Psalm 37:4

NEW YEARS-  This is the Greatest Gift you will ever receive...A Celebratory New Beginning with my Favorite Superhero- Savior of the World... Jesus Christ! Along with the Greatest Inventor Alive- Heavenly Father and Wonderful Creator...who wants to Shower us with His Home- A Kingdom of Acceptance and Eternal Love- This New Life knowing who Loved us before we knew him, is Worth it All, especially  over what this world has to offer.

It is these very Hol(y)Days that will Shape a New Foundation of Who You Are- bringing You into a New Dimension of Creation- For the Holy people of the Most High will receive the Kingdom and possess it forever- yes, forever and ever- Daniel 7:18

And it starts with receiving Jesus Christ into your Heart- 

Declaring aloud Romans 10:9-10 that is In ProjectSave.1MoreLord a cause to save that one- so that one can be blessed and be a blessing to others- from DISeases to Creative Light!

Shine Bright little One- for you are getting ready to be Catapulted- a Shooting Star for God's Glory!!!

getting spiritually and physically fit IS ALWAYS A GAME CHANGER!







know hearts in need of the treasureful j.e.m experience?

find the treasured verse and you could win this free gift!!!

results video- the treasureful j.e.m experience continues...

The Treasureful J.E.M Experience does not have to stop for you and your Loved Ones...

In this B*Blessed Results Video will give you Provision of what Father, God can do for His Children- with a Committed Heart- our Heavenly Father gives us the Desires of our Heart- Psalm 37:4

Below is what the J.E.M within had shown me in a dream to bring forth so All can Encounter the Value of an Entrusted heART. - Freely Given-The BeLoved heART Formation.

what jump started it all.. blessed to be a blessing!!!


-be rewarded for your devotion- celebrating along the way!!!

time to fly with making the choice to stay out of the old and soaring into the new-

Upon Completion of The BeLoved heART Formation is this Beloved Excellence Award for you to Print and Sign.

This is your Entry into B*Blessed J.E.M Friends with posting your well earned Certificate on the page- We are here to Celebrate with You!!!

Remember...You don't have to do this life alone- The J.E.M within is here to guide your steps and J.E.M Friends are here to Encourage, Empower and Equip you along your Journey. 

 (To be part of B*Blessed J.E.M Friends go to the above email put: I HAVE MY CERTIFICATE)

As well as receiving the Blessings as you become a part of this Chosen, Valued and Treasured Experience. 

So come along this ride with gathering a Group Together- email us a time/day that is Good for You and we will Pray into Traveling to Your Destination. 

1. We Welcome Hearts in need of The Treasureful J.E.M Experience- New Beginnings!!!

2.  Remember if you haven't Started The BeLoved heART Formation- Decide Today, so you can Encounter the Blessings God has for You in J.E.M Friends- We're Excited to Embrace You!!!

3. It is Time Beloved to receive what the Lord can only give through His Faithful Children- The Gift of a HelpMate- for those in B*Blessed J.E.M Friends!!!

We are here to Serve You, bringing the Ultimate V.I.P HelpMate- Jesus- The J.E.M Within to Bless Your BeLoved, Chosen, Valued and Treasured heART!!!


  With coming out of the Old Revolving Doors- allowing the J.E.M within- Jesus to give you the Courage to Move Forward into this New Life of Blessings- The J.E.M Life Worth Living is here to Gift the BeLoved, Chosen, Valued and Treasured J.E.M's whom have Devoted there walk to the Purpose and Calling of what God has asked.


*With Obedience (Abiding in Christ- J.E.M within) and through Grace come Blessings*

Romans 8:28

And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan andbpurpose. 


have you gone through the t.j.e &/or beloved heart formation

then Your blessings are on there way- the j.e.m life worth living academy

What a Gift it is to share what Heaven has poured through, especially for those who heard the Call and went after it- now it's Time to receive as you walk in step with the J.E.M within- encountering what it feels like to BeLoved in the heART Formation while being Chosen, Valued and Treasured in this 3 in 1- B*Blessed J.E.M LifeStyle Course. As these are Freely Given- The Value they behold are Priceless, as they have changed my life completely- living Kingdom minded; rather than worldly minded- knowing the riches and rewards are received from Heaven and through the one's whom live from this mindset understand the purpose of storing up Treasures in Heaven- as we Sow into that which grows us, we Reap the benefits and appreciate the generosity God gives through us. 

In any way you have been Blessed by this J.E.M Life- we encourage our J.E.M's to Sow into what has helped embrace and change there heart and life for the better- in partnering with the mandate our Heavenly Father has put in this Ministry you will also reap the benefits. 

Let the J.E.M Within lead you where to Sow in J.E.M Studios and option for Heavenly Trading Floor - Time4R&R's will bring you into this dimension of Kingdom Governing.

For Mandate Inheritance go to ProjectSave.1MoreLord- We are Excited for your Creative Light to Shine!!!

Our Hope and Prayer for you Beloved,

Is for your Heart to runneth over- overflowing  with God's Love and for All to Experience the Treasure our Heavenly Father has placed in your Chosen, Valued and Sacred heART. 

 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above; it comes down from the Father of lights [the Creator and Sustainer of the heavens], in whom there is no variation [no rising or setting] or shadow cast by His turning [for He is perfect and never changes]. - James 1:17

B*blessed j.e.m friends

Receive the Blessings of *Treasured Relationships* with the *Perks* of what the J.E.M within has awaiting His Beloveds in The J.E.M Life Worth Living Academy!!!

1. With Finishing The BeLoved heART Formation and/or have you been a part of The Treasureful J.E.M Experience... 

2. Put in the email form above- Subject Line: Blessed to be a Blessing!!! 

3. We will get back to You shortly! Congratulations you are on your way to what our Heavenly Father has already Promised You- Time to Inherit It Beloved!!!

The J.E.M within has also provided this guidance so your Faith may be Encouraged...

What is your heART Projecting & Attracting- Take our Quiz in J.E.M SHAPE UP...

This flashlight is a guide into Psalm 119:105-

Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

You are ready- if God brings you to it...he will see you through it- Isaiah 58:11